13.11.15 [ORIGINALLY POSTED 15/11/2015]

Une Éducation

It’s the 15th November and first thing I did this morning was search for the Figaro on my phone to know that nothing happened whilst I slept.

It’s the 14th November and I keep stopping my music and listening anxiously as sirens whizz past and a helicopter buzzes over my apartment.

It’s the 13th November and I was walking towards a bar in the 10th arrondisement. Now I’m home and watching desperately as names flash up on my screen as “safe”, hoping that I’ll see the names of the people I haven’t yet been able to get through to.

There is and was more. Back in January we were afraid, but we were not the target. I was lucky, my friends and I are safe. I’ve been inspired to see that all around me, at the point when we are most threatened, people turned once again to their pencils, their…

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