Life in the Hypokhagne – an update [ORIGINALLY POSTED 11/11/2014]

Une Éducation

So they say “be careful what you wish for” and I wished for one of the most rigourous academic programmes I could find in a foreign country. I bet you’re wondering how that’s going. I’d like to apologise for my absence from this blog. You’ll probably understand why at the end of this post. I may have had one or two things on my plate.

First things first: dispelling rumours about the hypokhagne, especially what I read on various forums.

  • A prison. I have in fact left my room and not exclusively to go to libraries. In fact I have only been to my school and/or accommodation libraries – but that’s a personal choice, I just don’t like working in libraries.
  • Full of bilingual people – I don’t know where this stereotype got started but I read it everywhere and in the first few weeks everyone seemed terrified of the…

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