Sending out the applications. [ORIGINALLY POSTED 12/4/2014]

Une Éducation

It’s been about twenty days since postbac opened and today I finally made my way to the Post Office.

Not before doing the menial, insignificant task of addressing the envelope. A google search for “comment adresser une lettre” shows up with this helpful diagram on the first page.

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 22.55.29

However that hideous thing is actually a guide for French people to write letters in the American style. It’s literally the opposite of what I need. Maybe French people just innately know how to address letters? Maybe I should too?

I settled on writing everything in print on the envelope in straight lines. Following the address on the fiche. It turned out to not be as complex as I thought.

Postbac’s deadlines say that, in theory, nothing will happen now until everyone confirms that they received my dossiers in May. Certain sources seem to contradict this, claiming that when the lycée or…

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