Taxi Driver – 1976 [ORIGINALLY POSTED 3/9/2013]

We Can't Hear the Mime!

Many spoilers ahead: Read at own risk.16

The world was a surprisingly different place in 1976. The places, names and events that occurred in that time are now what schoolchildren are taught as history, even when the repercussions are felt to this very day. What was a shocking film of madness and vigilanteism in the wake of war is now quite mild. We’re used to seeing killers on the rampage, why “We Need to talk about Kevin” was released only two years ago. We’ve even had an art house take on the madman-with-a-gun genre in the form of Gus Van Sant’s “Elephant”. Needless to say, De Niro’s gunman seems sweet, courteous and justified in comparison.

What does, however, remain shocking in this film is Jodie Foster. Regularly stealing the scene from the seasoned DeNiro at age 12 her screen presence is as magnetic and envy-inducing as her character is unnerving…

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