The Paris Metro: A highly personal and deeply biased first impression. [ORIGINALLY POSTED 17/9/2014]

Une Éducation

6457c4704977f2defdbfbc05194f2882Ok, now this is going to be weird, I’m warning you upfront. I have a lot of things to say about the Paris Metro. I think it’s one of my favourite things about Paris and while this may sound like I am a train-crazed fanatic just bear with me. All will become clear.

I’ve now spent enough time here to have encountered a range of metro lines, they’re all pretty much the same apart from line 14. Who does line 14 think they are, the ruddy Jubilee line? What with their fancy on-platform doors and extra tannoy announcements. Are all the tourist attractions somehow on the same line because otherwise I can’t see how it got to be so nice.

Line 14 Line 14

Line 9 is my home to school line, this means that two weeks in I have now spent more time on that tube line than in lessons for…

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