To The Wonder – 2012 [ORIGINALLY POSTED 24/2/2013]

We Can't Hear the Mime!

ImageTerrence Malick’s new film is distinctly more accessible than his three-hour epic The Tree of Life. To the Wonder comes across as a stream of consciousness, more poetry than film. Told mainly from the point of view of Marina (Olga Kurylenko) the film explores love in its many forms.

Many reviews have spoken of this as a “B side” to The Tree of Life, however I see it as more of a companion piece, the female counterpart of The Tree of Life. Mothers and daughters are estranged, sex is explored through vulnerability as opposed to lust. The cinematography is light and free, totally immersive. The film communicates almost entirely in voiceover, characters share their thoughts as scenes either related or contrasting play on screen. The secondary arc of a priest searching for God (Javier Bardem) plays nicely into the main plot; even divine love is difficult, enlightening and destructive, full…

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