Top 10 things that annoy me about the French. [ORIGINALLY POSTED 9/1/2016]

Une Éducation

Taking time out of my busy schedule of destroying my academic future and avoiding paperwork I would like to engage in that Great British pastime we all know and love: French-bashing. Before any of my French friends get offended I would like to remind you all that I came to live in this country voluntarily and I love you all very much. However one cannot love anyone or anything without acknowledging and accepting their faults and believe me Frenchies you do have some.

10. Cheers!


Imagine the scene: you’re out with friends, everyone’s just got themselves a drink and you’re gonna get started for a fun night out. At this point someone will raise a glass vaguely and say “cheers” (or santé at the very least) and everyone raises their glass towards the centre and reply then start drinking. OH NO MATE. You’re in France now. Not only must you individually clink everybody…

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