You can’t steer a stationary object. [ORIGINALLY POSTED 29/04/2016]

Une Éducation

But I’m not sure that’s an excuse for careering haphazardly through life like a derailed train.

For those who were still taking notes : remember when I talked about that film school I was applying to? Well, that didn’t work out so now I have to decide what I want to study next year since this year has shown me that studying Classics when you’ve finally realised that you want to be doing Film Studies does NOT WORK. I suppose it didn’t really take a genius to figure that out but what can I say, my conclusions can’t always be groundbreaking. I mean, I’m not the best at foresight – I haven’t followed a coherent academic course the whole way through since before 2011 and yet I thought I’d be able to not only complete a Khagne but keep a consistent blog about it. Let us all laugh in unison…

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