floliketheriver is going to Cannes!


Well, you read the title. I’m off! In fact, by the magic of scheduled posts I am currently in a train on my way to Cannes as you are reading this. So why am I headed to Cannes? Because I can(nes)! And now that that joke is out of my system I am very pleased to announce that I am one of six student authors of the Cannes Classics 2017 Blog and we will be sharing our impressions of the films, the festival and many more exciting and interesting things during the two weeks. So go give it a read!

For everything that isn’t Cannes Classics I will be updating this blog and my twitter with comments on the rest of the festival, the films and ~the ambiance~ on the triply reliable basis of: when I remember, when I physically can, and when I have something cool to say, so stay tuned, it’s certain to be a wild ride. Also if I die of exhaustion it’ll make a neat addition to my obituary.


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